Monday, November 20, 2017

Have Gratitude as your Attitude!

Hello people to whom I am grateful to know!!

With Thanksgiving this week, I just wanted to list some things that I am grateful for!!

First, Sister Simpson. For being my companion. She has been such a great companion and I am excited to be sharing the holidays with her. Yes, we are staying together for the next transfer!

Second, President and Sister Hymas. For being amazing Mission parents. 

Next, My family and friends who continually support me. 

Fourth, The Book of Mormon for being Another Testament of Jesus Christ and for bringing greater peace into my life. 

Fifth, Heavenly Father for being a loving Father who knows me so perfectly and for sending His Only Begotten Son for us. 

Sixth, for Jesus Christ for going through what He did. He went through what He did so that we never would have to be alone or feel alone. He understands perfectly how we feel, always. 

Seventh, I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ for shaping my life and me into the way it needs to be. All of who I am and who I hope to be one day become, is, because of Christ's gospel. 

Finally, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share that for a full 18 months of my life. 

Have an amazing Thanksgiving and always remember to "Have an attitude of Gratitude". 

Oh fun fact from the week, going into Saturday, Sister Simpson and I had no 'new investigators', but, on Saturday we were able to find 5 new ones!!

Much Love Always, 
Sister MJ Baird

Special Treat for you all! This was from Sister Baird's Facebook Page. (November 18, 2017)

Someone left my name on the Board, so of course a picture was in order!

Fun with Sister Simpson!

Do you seen the creepy crouching man? 

Fun during comp study. Don't trust me with chalk. What would you guess it is?

Happy 2 Months Sister Simpson!
BTW - She didn't know the sign was behind her!

Here comes another 6 weeks!

Bottom Row: L to R :
H. Barrera, S. Root, S. Thomas, S. Simpson, Sister Baird, S. Searle, H. Singer, S. McDonald
Second Row:
H. Peterson, H. Najero.
Third Row (Elders) L to R:
E. Gibbons, E. Cook, E. Nelson, E. Berry, E. Snow, E. Martineau, E. Pearson, E. Henry, E. Edgington, E. Allen

Monday, November 13, 2017

10/18th of the way there!

Another month down! Talk about weird. I am officially in the double digits. A little gross. 

This week has been good, and I want to talk about two main things that happened this week! Well, I guess kind of three. 

Just information because I know you all care.. 

I sang in church and we got to have interviews with President this week. Both fun awesome times. 

Now the three great blessings of the week!

First: Mary Beth and team ups!

So this week, we did team ups and I was with the awesome Sister Searle. We ended up stopping by this less active man's home and he let us in! There was a woman in the home, so we were able to! Well, long story made a bit shorter, he has been less actives for ages and she is a non member who has some kind of relationship with. Not really sure, but I will worry about that later. We ended up talking to them for over an hour and answering a lot of her questions. We ended it by setting up a return appointment with the two of them and giving him a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon. She is convinced that she will not join the church, but I will let the spirit deal with that one. Book of Mormon and the spirit are pretty amazing tools. 

Second: Cameron and Brandon!

Well Cameron is an investigator that we have had for a bit. We thought he was super promising and then he just dropped off. Nothing. So we decided to try one last time before setting him to former. Well, we knock and like most our life, no answer. As we start to leave a truck pulls up! Of course we go and talk to him and it turns out it was his brother Brandon! Well, we were talking to him, gave him a Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment and then Cameron walks out! Turns out he felt bad for leaving us hanging and came to see if we were still there. Well, he starts asking questions and we end up teaching the two of then the entire Plan of Salvation. They are amazing!! It was amazing to see the Lord's timing going on and to be apart of it. 

And number three: the Hastie/Hathaway clan!

This is an amazing family. So sweet. Simply put because this email is getting long, they did not come to church Sunday, but she invited us to their home for dinner and an FHE (Family Home Evening) tonight!! Half the family is members and half are not. We are so excited to begin working with them. One of the daughters was looking through the pictures on my tablet and finds on the temple. Points at Moroni and asks what is that? We then tell her and end up giving her a Book of Mormon of her own, which she did not have, and by the time we left she had almost read the entire introduction. She was so excited. She then was reading again Sunday evening when we were talking to the woman we set the dinner up with. If a 10 year old girl can read the Book of Mormon, so can we!!

I love you all and know that God is a God of miracles. He loves us and He uses us to help others, we just have to be open and willing to respond to the spirit. 

Stay amazing and smile, because it is always better with a smile!
Oh, also, instead of P-day being on Tuesday for transfers, they will now stay on Monday

Much Love Always,
Sister MJ Baird
Sister Baird

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Posing in front of the California Sacramento Temple.

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Showing a little personality!

A business borrowed her name!

California rainbow!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Smiling! Doing what they do best!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Making faces....Doing what they do best!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
These two love being companions. Can you tell? 
Sister Baird and a little lady. Name not shared...
we'll see if we can get it and update later!

Monday, November 6, 2017

"Oh, okay Hold on!" *Waits five minutes and no one comes*

Well hello gorgeous humans!!

Mission life is fun and great, did you know that?

I wanted to just share a thought.

We are all humans, all of us. No matter what religion, race, height, age, weight. None of that changes the fact that we are humans and all deserve to be treated kindly. Just because you would prefer not to be talked to, does not mean you can't be kind and respectful. 

Every day missionaries will go out and put their heart and soul on their sleeve just to try and share what they love and know about. What they hold close and dear to their heart. WHY?? Because it makes us happy and we want everyone around us to experience that same pure JOY and LOVE that comes from what we share. 

Imagine chocolate for a moment, you love it. You decide that you want to share what makes you so happy, the chocolate, with the person next to you. They don't want the chocolate so they decide to yell at you and ask why you would even think to offer. Why would you even think to talk to me? Go away and take your chocolate with you!! A bit sad, isn't it? The poor fellow was just trying to share his chocolate, something that made him happy. He thought it could make the person next to him happy too. 

That is what missionaries are doing, so I would ask, all of you who see missionaries, please be kind and respectful. Because, hello. My name is Sister MJ Baird and I am a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every day I step out the door ready to wear my heart on a sleeve to share what I hold closest to my heart with everyone I see. Why?? Because it makes me happy and I want those around me to experience that same joy. Yes, so those two Elders or Sisters, whether walking, on a bike, or in a car, please be kind, because they are human too. And your friend here is one too. So please don't hid. Simply smile and be kind. That's all I am asking. 

I love being a missionary, but it just seems to be that people forget we are human too. 

Yes, the subject line was an accurate event that happen this week along with another event of a man yelling at us and slamming the door. Don't get me wrong, I am happy and okay, but it does sadden me to know how much people don't think to treat others kindly. 

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson - a member sent us this picture via text. Oh how we love these random pics!
Definitely makes our days, weeks!
Sister Simpson is amazing as always. Training her in 6 weeks has not killed her yet! We had Halloween this week and as a zone we had a training. Or really just an activity. Over 300 compliments were given in about 2 and a half hours. It may have been even over 350.. It was pretty cool. 

Sorry this one was longer, but we are working hard. It is officially winter here in Cali, as the rain has started! We have some amazing people we are working with and I am excited to see what happens with them!

Stay amazing and know that you are loved!
Much Love Always,
Sister MJ Baird
This was a picture received via text from Sister Hymas, President Hymas' wife.
What a treat to receive! Oh how our hearts melt when we receive these pictures.

Monday, October 30, 2017

I was hugged by a man...twice.

No idea if I said that correctly, but I went for it. Can you tell I am excited for the holidays??????? Sister Simpson and I walked up and down every Christmas isle in Walmart today. I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT. 

If you have not guessed, or don't know me well enough by now, I love holidays. I don't know why, but I do. They make me so happy and we are coming up on the whole long row of them!! One right after the other. Let me show you what I mean..


So many for so long and I am so pumped. Want to know a weird thought though? 
That last holiday on that list, Mother's Day!  It will be about a little over a month before I come home. Yay! Weird. Time is about to the wind.

Maybe I should get to real talk now. I just got so excited. This week has been amazing!!  Something I have learned from Sister Simpson is that I get excited and amused REALLY easily. I guess it just doesn't take much to make me laugh. What can I say?! Smiling is the best. 

On Saturday, we were on exchanges and I got to go with the amazing Sister Searle. She recently entered the Mission field at the same time as Sister Simpson, so she is still pretty new. It was pretty fun. We were able to get them 2 return appointments!! We are praying that they don't fall through (AKA...not happen). During our exchanges on Saturday, we also had a blitz!! We had the 3 sets of Missionaries from District who were able to work in Sister Simpson and my area. From this blitz, we were able to find 1 new investigator who said yes to baptism and 2 new potentials, one of which said yes to baptism!! It was a day of wonderful blessings. 

To explain the subject line...on a mission, I am not allowed to hug anyone of the opposite sex. For safety rules and precautions and all the fun reasons. So while on this blitz, this man - yes the New Investigator who said yes to baptism, gets so excited to see Sisters, he hugs us!! Then, before we leave, he hugs us again!! Oh my goodness, I felt pretty awkward. It's been awhile since I had a full hug from a man. Oh, and let me make it better...he was 56. Haha, I am so excited to teach him though. Please pray he can come to his lesson on Friday

That was the exciting news for the week. We got to also teach Gospel Principles this week and finally got on our bikes. It has been a week of adventures for sure, but a good week nonetheless!!

Love and miss you all!!

Much Love Always and Happy Halloween!!
Elk Grove Zone Conference
Sister MJ Baird

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Those smiles are contagious!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson....
Smiling?! Oh that smile from Sister Baird!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Taken while they had been feeling a tad under the weather!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Sunglasses and...funny faces!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Sunglasses and Smiling!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson...
They are so happy to be companions!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Well, being Sister Baird and Sister Simpson!

The "Elk Grove District' "Sisters"!
Sister Baird - Back Row 2nd from left
Sister Simpson - Back row - center
Sister Koller - Back row - 2nd from right
Sister Thomas - front and center - taking picture.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Smiling is the best!

Hello wonderful humans, 

I need to get more creative with my intro line, but I am over it. So, guess what! Life is happy and it is wonderful and everyone should SMILE ALL THE TIME because smiling is seriously the best. this transfer has probably been one of the best of my mission. 
Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
This picture was from the first night in their apartment in Elk Grove Ward.
Sister Simpson was brand new!

Sister Simpson is amazing. I freaked her out a little this week by letting her know that I would be training her in the way of having her fully trained and basically a full blown missionary, no training wheels, by 6 weeks! It is going to be a blast. She is awesome and ready for the challenge. 

This week we had zone conference which is always amazing.
I was brave and got the flu shot. Did not cry! Improving, Mom be proud!! :D The Mission Dr. highly recommended receiving it, I then prayed about it and felt chastised and that I need to get it. Heavenly Father has quite the sense of humor. This zone conference was my first on the other half of the mission. Strange. It was the first time that I had been companions with one of the departing missionaries that gave their testimony. That was strange as well. Mind you, we were only companions for 2 weeks, but companions nonetheless. Time is very odd on a mission. 

The work in the Elk Grove area is booming!! Our first two weeks in the area, we have found 6 new investigators and we are working with several others!! So excited!! I have never had so much work going on in my area my whole mission! I did however, hear that Folsom 4th had a baptism this week, woot woot!!! So happy for them, the drought is over!!! 
Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
Elk Grove Ward Halloween Party

Sister Simpson and I have been sick the past few weeks, but are getting over it luckily, well mostly. 

We were able to attend our ward's trunk or treat and it was so much fun. I have never seen a ward go this all out before. We even handed out those large life savor gummies, and had saying that said "The gospel is a..." and then an arrow towards the life savor word. Cheesy and cute, I know.

Happy Dreams!!
Something, probably only my family and a few others will understand, but Sister Simpson and I have started doing happy dreams again! First time on my mission. I did not realize how much I missed it. She is awesome for putting up with me. Alright, you're probably getting warn out of reading this so I shall sign off for the week.

I love and miss you all, did you know that? Hope all is going well in the life of you!

Much Love Always, 
Sister MJ Baird
Sister Baird and Sister Simpson at church building.

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson at a members home eating dinner.

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson
This was Sister Baird's 'Wave' to Mom for her birthday.
Thanks for sharing Sister Baird's Blog:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Carving a pumpkin, eating a donut, flipping a bottle and emptying a tissue box

Well hello beautiful people of planet Earth, 

So what do all those thing happen to have in common? Simply a zone activity. It was fun, and today about 2 hours ago. Flipped a bottle for the first time. Only took about 50 or so tries.. 

This week has been so good!! Working with Sister Simpson is amazing!! She is so similar to me, it can be pretty funny at times. 

So a few things from this week, well more like people from this week!!

Thao family! They are so amazing. Their father is already and a member and when we met with them they each said they want to be baptized!! We are going to work on getting them on date this week. Pray that it goes well. Bringing families together is truly the best!!

Cameron! We met with Cameron this morning and he is amazing. He also accepted baptism and believes that modern day revelation is a thing. Even asked the question, if the prophet was for the world or just our church. For those who do not know, he is for the world, whether or not they accept him. Similar to Jesus Christ being the Savior of the world. Whether people accept Him or not, He is still the Savior of the world who did what He did for everyone. So excited to also try and get him on date this week!! 

Logan!! Logan met with the missionaries down in the Roseville mission for about 6 months and was actively going to church. Due to some road blocks, he is not able to be baptized right away, but has agreed to be once those road blocks are out of the way. We are so excited for him! 

Elk Grove is definitely nothing like where I have served before, but I know it is exactly where Heavenly Father needs me now. I love this work. I love being able to give everything I have to the Lord and help others come closer to Him every single day. 

Other exciting news, Sister Simpson gave out her first Book of Mormon this week and it was through a car window. The Lord is preparing people all around us, we just have to open our mouths. 

I love and miss you all!!

Shoutout to the BEST MOTHER ON THE PLANET who had her birthday on the 13thh!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADY!! 

Oh!! Also a favor, Sister Simpson is celebrating her golden birthday on the 20th. If you could send her an email, please please do!!

Much Love Always, 
Sister MJ Baird <3
Sister Baird and Sister Simpson

Sister Baird and Sister Searle - on splits.

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson being...well being Sister Baird!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson were surprised with some beautiful flowers from Mom and Dad Baird!

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson

Sister Baird and Sister Simpson